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Western Union

6:33 ص

 Western Union is a company established in 1851 by the American Ezra Cornell, who is considered one of the most prominent businessmen in...

Capital Definition

12:39 ص

 Capital is wealth that forms a type of asset, and is used to refer to the financial strength of firms or individuals, [1] and capital ...

The definition of economics

12:32 ص

The definition of economics Most of the sciences known to man are concerned from ancient times until the present time in arriving at sol...

Definition of business administration

12:30 ص

 Business management is a group of activities that are related to each other in order to implement effective control and control of all ...

Administrative accounting

12:27 ص

 Administrative accounting is the accounting that is concerned with following up the financial reports of the company, which are related...

Knowledge Economy

12:23 ص

Knowledge Economy  is defined as a system of consumption and production based on intellectual capital, [1] as its dependence on intellec...

Modern marketing methods

12:14 ص

 The issue of selling and marketing goods is an obsession among many traders aspiring to excel in their trade and business, and the marke...

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